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American Influencer Radio is a weekly show featuring your favorite influencers in beauty, fashion and lifestyle, giving you the behind the scenes stories you don't want to miss! Along the way influencers discuss current trends and vision of the ever changing industry. Hosted by beauty guru Manal Shaikh, founder of @wakeupandmakeup, and TV personality Xixi Yang @xixiyang. Our hosts flawlessly uncover the inspirational stories of each influencer and are sure to capture some tea along the way!

If you are an influencer and would like to be on our show, please DM us on instagram @aiaawards or send us a message by clicking the "Contact Us" link.
American Influencer Radio

Meet Your Hosts

American Influencer Radio

Manal Shaikh

Manal Shaikh (@manal) is a beauty enthusiast and founder of @wakeupandmakeup, which is one of the largest social media presence in the beauty space. @wakeupandmakeup made socialblade.com’s list of the top 100 most-followed accounts.
American Influencer Radio

XiXi Yang

XiXi Yang is an American TV personality and businesswoman. She anchored "Live From the Red Carpet" for the Associated Press and is an entertainment contributor to CNN/HLN Network. She is the co-founder of PopStop TV Network.

Episode # 6

American Influencer Radio
Luke Wessman is an American tattoo artist and designer. He was featured on the TLC reality shows Miami Ink and NY Ink. Tune in to hear about Luke's upbringing and how he got his first tattoo for protection and how it lead to his career!

Episode # 5

American Influencer Radio
Our hosts Xixi Yang and Manal Shaikh get into the paint with special effects queen herself, Kat Castanon. Known as @luvekat on Instagram, Kat's page is home to some of the top special effect makeup looks online. Her creativity screams from each image, making her a stand out in this category. Be prepared to be inspired, intrigued, and awed, as we uncover what motivates her. Hear how Kat juggles being a mom while dominating the social world! It's ain't easy having it all, so tune in to find out how she does it all!

Episode # 4

American Influencer Radio
Larisa Love has overcome the odds and worked her way to the top of the hair industry. Tune in to hear how Larisa turned her LOVE and passion into a reality by becoming a successful educator, hairdresser, artist, mentor, salon owner, and brand ambassador of Joico!

Episode # 3

American Influencer Radio
Ryan B. Potter is a young 19 year old makeup beauty influencer who talks about how Instagram started as a hobby and turned into a passionate full-time career. He discusses social media haters and how he has to remind himself "if they don't know you personally, don't take it personal." Tune in to hear his thoughts on mukbang, his occasional struggle with acne, and his dream to one day create a skin care line!

Episode # 2

American Influencer Radio
Michael Costello talks about being introduced to Instagram in 2011, which eventually lead to him dressing some of the biggest celebrities like Beyonce, Oprah, and Jennifer Lopez. Michael reflects on the first time he posted a dress on Instagram, to becoming one of the biggest fashion designers in the world. He discusses his journey and credits his first social media follower "Tom", the creator of MySpace, for the reason he was able to successfully develop the first ever direct to consumer social media fashion site.

Episode # 1

American Influencer Radio American Influencer Radio
Get to know our host Xixi Yang (@xixiyang) and guest host Manal Shaikh (@wakeupandmakeup) as they discuss how they got started on social media and the changing landscape within the influencer space. Xixi shares her journey on becoming a successful tv personality along with her favorite celebrity interview. Manal shares her insight on building the biggest instagram account within the beauty space and advice on how to build your social media account.

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